I am Peace… We are Peace Pledge and Movement

Welcome to the Future: I am Peace We are Peace Sign

The I am Peace… We are Peace… Sign.

Peace is hard to attain and keep so are the hands clasp together in this manner. You have to put some thought into it. The old Peace is too easy to throw up in the air and then there is “here is your half joke” with one finger. You might get someone upset. No longer a Peace sign.

The fingers clasp together represent humans and countries united in peace and we are at peace with Mother Earth and Mother Nature by respecting the environment and nature. The two thumbs can represent love or war if you play a game with your thumbs.

The clasp hands can not hurt anyone but yourself. If you hit anything in the pose you would break your fingers.

The I am Peace… We are Peace… Challenge

The I am Peace… We are Peace.. Challenge…. Eat fresh garlic cloves; then eat lemons wedges.

I challenge all humans to the I am Peace… We are Peace… Pledge…

Eat fresh garlic cloves; then eat lemons wedges.

If you have any friends on Tik-Tok, Facebook, YouTube, or in your personal life; can you can make the I am Peace… We are Peace… Challenge video. It will be our way to support Ukraine.

The challenge for Peace is … Eat fresh garlic cloves and then eat lemons wedges. If someone does not do the challenge they need to donate money to Ukraine.

The I am Peace… We are Peace.. Challenge

When you eat garlic it is one of the healthiest foods we can eat. Garlic is used as a food, for medicinal purposes, and as a preservative. Garlic represents peace. Peace is hard to achieve and so is raw garlic to eat.

When you eat lemons it reminds us how bitter war can be.

When you chose to get angry or fight…

Own the I am Peace… We are Peace.. Pledge… If you get upset in front of the children, they will be upset. Just say I am Peace… We are Peace… Every time you get angry or upset promise in this pledge of honor to eat fresh raw garlic and then a wedge of lemon.

Your children will laugh when you eat the garlic and lemon wedges and they will forget that you were angry. Hahahaha

The I am Peace… We are Peace… Pledge and Movement!

Peace sprouts only from the love and kindness showed towards another human or creature. Peace is renewed for those who seek.

When you meet another person or when two or more are gathered you will have the opportunity to create the gift of acceptance, the epitome of what humanity should be!

The higher you raise yourself in the better treatment of others, the better view you will have of the future.”— Brian Michael Good

The I am Peace… We are Peace… pledge does not take away your right to stand your ground or your right to self-defense “What you say and think and how you react does make a difference.

Think of this motto before you react or respond to any situation: The 4 R’s…Readiness, Respect, Right, Reaction… Take to heart and own these words as a pledge of honor; say these words first; I am Peace… We are Peace…

That is why we are trying to make a difference. One person at a time, deciding to talk the talk…and walk the walk… each person leading by example can make a difference.

It’s all about what you are willing to do out of your own free will. We need to be united in order to create a more Peaceful World on the planet Earth. The right formula that works as a step towards World Peace.

We are all Spirits in a human body; no one does it alone, as one spirit; one united movement, evil can’t defeat us.

It all starts with Readiness, Right, Reaction; when you greet a person, begin the conversation with these words… I am Peace… We are Peace…

Take the Pledge… What number will you be?

Part of a Peace World is protecting the environment and Mother Nature.

It is called the Balance of Nature. We do not want your money or donations. We only want your participation. Kindly practice the 7 R’s.

Slow Down Climate Change | The Tipping Point | The Clock’s Ticking!

The Old World Economy needs to stop growing. Only Earth Friendly Industries and Earth Safe Products should be allowed to grow. We can choose to stop buying cheap products that last less than a year. We are only feeding the Old World Economy (a death sentence for future generations) and delaying the grown of Capitalism with Social Responsibility.

Refuse Plastic | Use Less Plastic | Clean-Up Drives = Clean Rivers = Clean Oceans = Clean Beaches

Reduce Plastic Movement, The human race is on the cusp of either taking more strategic steps towards a world with less consumption, less resources, less fossil fuels, less plastic, no deforestation, and eventually a Better World or it’s Game Over.

7 R’s Organic Sustainable Packaging – No Guilt – Zero Waste

Refuse Plastic – Replace – Reduce Plastic – Reuse – Repurpose – Recycle – Return to Nature

Celebrate Earth Day every day when you reduce single-use plastic.” – Brian Michael Good

Peace is renewed for those who seek it.
Peace is renewed for those who seek it.
The best fight won is the fight not fought.
The best fight won is the fight not fought.