I am Peace. We are Peace.

Pledge and Movement.

“The best fight won is the fight not fought.”

– Brian Michael Good

Peace is renewed for those who seek it.
Peace is renewed for those who seek it.

Peace sprouts only from the love and kindness shown towards another human or creature. Peace does not prosper in any society unless fundamental human rights bind to peace. These principles are necessary for the existence of peace and unless peace is nurtured as a mother cares for an infant; Peace on this earthly plane will often be short lived.

Peace is renewed for those who seek it. When you meet another person or when two or more are gathered you will have the opportunity to create the gift of acceptance, the epitome of what humanity should be!

The higher you raise yourself in the better treatment of others, the better view you will have of the future.

Think of this motto before you react or respond to any situation: The 4 R’s…Readiness, Respect, Right, Reaction… Take to heart and own these words as a pledge of honor; say these words first; I am Peace… We are Peace…

That is why we are trying to make a difference. One person at a time, deciding to talk the talk…and walk the walk… each person leading by example can make a difference.

It’s all about what you are willing to do out of your own free will. We need to be united in order to create a more Peaceful World on the planet Earth. The right formula that works as a step towards World Peace.

We are all Spirits in a human body; no one does it alone, as one spirit; one united movement, evil can’t defeat us.

It all starts with the 4 R’s…Readiness, Respect, Right, Reaction… ; when you greet a person, begin the conversation with these words… I am Peace… We are Peace…Take the Pledge… What number will you be?

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Helping World Leaders:

Creating a More Peaceful World(s).

Never Surrender to Mankind’s Terror, Be a Survivor, SURVIVE one day at a time knowing that no one can defeat Humankind. Humanity can only defeat themselves.

If You Want Peace. Practice The 4 R’s

If you want Peace
If you want Peace

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I am Peace. We are Peace.

Peaceful World(s) is a not-for-profit org initiative funded by Brian Michael Good’s brands.

Peaceful World(s) goal is to be an outreach initiative providing answers, information, and provide resources for a more Peaceful World on Earth, our Solar System, and the estimated hundred billion Galaxies in the Universe.

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