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World Peace and Global Sustainability

"War and the preparation for war divert increasingly scarce resources from civilian use, especially long-term efforts such as the quest for sustainable use of the planet.

War also damages natural systems both directly and indirectly. As a consequence, ecosystem services essential to sustainability are diminished.

Achieving world peace does not assure that sustainable use of the planet will also be achieved, but it is a necessary precursor. Other factors diminishing the prospects for sustainability include major and rapid demographic changes, addiction to exponential economic growth, excessive individualism, and production of artifacts and wastes not readily reincorporated into natural systems.

On the other hand, if intelligence is not an evolutionary mistake, then it, combined with reason and creativity, can be used to overcome the obstacles just mentioned." ☮ John Cairns Jr.

World Peace with Sustainability. The Green Postal Store. Buy Green and Ship Green.

Leadership in Sustainability. Buy Green and Ship Green.

Peaceful Worlds is partnering with The Green Postal Store, a Grass Roots Movement founded on conviction and dedication to improving health and well being of our planet Earth through educating the consumer on how they have the power to influence how their products are manufactured using recycled materials and shipped with recycled shipping and packaging supplies.

The Green Postal Store is here to supply you with not only products ideas but knowledge to help our environment in a eco friendly way.

The Green Postal Store's vision is for companies to reuse shipping wastes by being responsible environmentally and repurpose shipping wastes into earth friendly recycled shipping supplies.

Whether it's for business shipping or daily use we hope you will see how The Green Postal Store's suggestions on how you use/reuse/repurpose eco friendly products and packaging solutions.

The Green Postal Store takes pride in providing convenient and safe packaging solutions for repurposing environmentally green mailing, shipping and office supplies.

Equally important is our commitment to the future of a peaceful world on planet Earth. We can help save the human race and the earth one package at a time.

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