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Read how the human race can rise from the ashes of war, conflict, and create a more Peaceful World.

What I have learned from thinking outside the box can give you a new perspective on how the human consciousness may evolve spiritually and intellectually. I will offer concepts that will require strategic actions that may promote a more safer Peaceful World.

The human race is on the cusp of either taking more strategic steps (participating will be more essential than ever) to promote a more safer Peaceful World and eventually World Peace or Game Over -- Armageddon.

Ask yourself this... What would you do for World Peace if you knew the end was near... Game Over -- End of the World?

The future; a more Peaceful World -- Peaceful Worlds can only be changed in the present. Free will, a human's greatest gift after life itself comes with a price. God will not save you. The human race (women) must save themselves.

You may be the missing link that is the difference between a more Peaceful World... World Peace... or a highly probable World War III -- Game Over -- Apocalypse...

What are you waiting for? The clocks ticking...

Oh... It's a nuclear clock.

World Peace, Peaceful Worlds, Game Over

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The best fight won is the fight not fought. Brian Michael Good

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